2020 has thrown a lot at Sierra Madreans over the past several months and the Bobcat fire just added to an already difficult year. Having dealt with the threat of fire and heavy smoke, we could all use a little extra joy these days.

Local florist, Ixora Floral Studio is focusing on local Seniors and hardworking City Personnel (Fire, Police and Staff)


The goal is to spread smiles, love and appreciation with the delivery of fresh flower bouquets to those we want to honor.

So let's help our Seniors and our loyal Sierra Madre Personnel and show them how much we value them.


The following links below will allow you to give an arrangement to either an elderly member in Sierra Madre who may not be able to go outside much or a City Personnel that helped during the bobcat fire. If you would like to donate more than one flower arrangement, please click the link again. The links below will be live through November 6. Thank you for your generosity!

To donate to a Senior: https://www.bloomnation.com/.../sierra-madre-thrives.../

To donate to a City Personnel: https://www.bloomnation.com/.../sierra-madre-thrives.../

Ixora Floral Studio was founded in Sierra Madre over 20 years ago and specializes in weddings, special events and everyday floral deliveries. For more information about Ixora Floral Studio,

please visit www.ixoraflorist.com.


To our Sierra Madre Thrives Community-


Since we started Sierra Madre Thrives and the Quarantine Canteen, we always planned on keeping this program running until the local restaurants were allowed to reopen. Now that our local eateries are able to start serving dine-in customers again, we feel it is time to bring the Quarantine Canteen to a close.


This week’s dinner at Sierra Fusion will be our last weekly meal event.


Back in March, we began with a plan to assist our local businesses, seniors, and those needing a meal in these difficult times. We hoped people would donate by buying a meal for themselves and one for a neighbor. We had had planned on raising about $6,000 and feeding 100-200 people weekly for about 3 or4 weeks.


Here we are over two-and-a-half months later, and with the support, generosity and help of this amazing community, we have:

  • Served over 4,000 meals

  • Raised over $50,000 that has all gone to our local businesses

  • Recruited over 200 Sierra Madre volunteers willing to help

  • Supported local business owners

  • Developed an online resource unique to Sierra Madre

  • Provided an event many looked forward to each week

  • Delivered meals to many who could not leave their homes


The amazing contributions made by this town in support of each other was overwhelming. In a time where we need hope and unity, this town came together in a way I have rarely seen to support each other. Many people donated hundreds of dollars to help others who could use the meals. Business owners supported other businesses and restaurants every week. Sierra Madre Little League, Sierra Madre Rotary, Sierra Madre Fire Fighters Association, Sierra Madre Community Foundation, Sierra Madre Girls Soft Ball, and the Tear Drop Foundation, and the City of Sierra Madre all made contributions to our cause. Hundreds of people signed up to volunteer and help those who were home bound or at risk.


We also want to thank Mayor Pro-Tem Rachelle Arizmendi, 

 Chief of Police Rodrick Armalin, and Interim Fire Chief Brent Bartlett for their time and assistance.


While we are stopping the Quarantine Canteen for now, SM Thrives will always be ready to start up again when needed. We appreciate the outpouring of support we have seen, and are proud of how our town took care of each other. We feel that Sierra Madre didn’t just survive this difficult time, it Thrived!


For those that may still need a weekly meal, or if you know someone who does, please send us their information through the website, and we will coordinate with the city to make sure no one goes hungry.


Thank you again for your support,

The Sierra Madre Thrives Team

Matt and Brittany Turnquist

Mike Kefalas

Clarissa Lowe

Lawren Heinz

Lou Oronoz

Tom and Dawn Denison

Mike, Natasha, Daniel, and Alex Comer

Sierra Madre Thrives was started by business owners and friends in Sierra Madre to accomplish three goals:

Support the businesses of SM during this difficult time

Provide a weekly dinner free to all that need it in Sierra Madre 

Organize volunteers to help our neighbors

No committees, no agendas, no long meetings, just action. 

We have built this site to be a hub where you can get information on our community and find ways to support each other. We appreciate your being here and ask for input to make it better.



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If you know someone who needs assistance,

Let us know



Here you will find Sierra Madre businesses that are open during this pandemic and specials they are offering.
We ask that you make at least one of your daily purchases local!


We have many neighbors in Sierra Madre  that currently need help since they are confined  to their homes or at risk during this pandemic. Here you can sign up to assist our community.


Specials Being Offered By Our Business Community

Workout games with G3 Academy


We have many neighbors in Sierra Madre  that currently need help since they are confined  to their homes or at risk during this pandemic.



For our seniors and those who cannot leave their house, we need volunteers to deliver meals to their homes in Sierra Madre


Pick-up and delivery of groceries, or any items needed by our seniors and those confined to their house.


Currently, several skills are needed from volunteers. Helping our seiniors with technology, small errands, small handyman projects, or tasks around their house. Let us know if you can help.

They’re here to support us right now because they know businesses need them more than any time,

Vicken Satamian, Corfu Owner


A Sierra Madre Business You Should Know

Attitude is a contemporary Women's Boutique that has called Sierra Madre home since 2002. Specializing in beautiful hand-crafted bags and carefully curated pieces,  Attitude has recently turned it's skills to designing masks for the Covid outbreak.

They have focused on developing fashion-forward masks that become more of beautiful accessory than simply a required covering!

For the most fun and eclectic styles, visit Attitude!

90 West Sierra madre Blvd.



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Sierra Madre Thrives

Supporting Our Businesses, Our Neighbors and Our Town

A Farm In Sierra Madre That Delivers!

Who Knew?

SM Businesses You Should Know!

A 13 Year Old That makes and Sells His Own Board Games!


If that doesn't sum up all that is right in our town, I don't know what does!


304 West Sierra Madre Blvd.


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