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I’m Meghan, I own Meghan’s Pet Sitting and More. I’m a pet sitting and babysitting business here in Sierra Madre. I am still open and taking bookings for current or future babysitting or pet sitting jobs. I have quite a few pet sitters and babysitters that work with me so we have a lot of availability.

 I’ve been helping the elderly or anyone that can’t leave their house to get groceries. Some of my sitters have been helping me with the shopping so that even when I am unable to go they are able to help out. 

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We are offering free doorstep delivery of any of our products.


We offer shampoo, conditioner, sprays, serums, temporary colors and CBD products  and more.



Periscope Design is a small local design company that specializes in logos, websites and marketing materials for small businesses and non-profits. 

Every non-profit’s mission and needs are unique. We work very closely with our clients to create a website or marketing materials that will help drive your mission, generate funds, and tell your remarkable stories. And, as a small business ourselves, we also know that marketing budgets can be tight so we make sure that our services are very affordable. 

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